Our Mission

To bring quality &technical services into the Engine logistics process, by qualified and passioned people.

Our Vision

With a team of dedicated and passionate engine experts we are convinced that we can reduce the number of incorrect engine handling and damages during the logistics processes including reductions of C02 emission with the long and short storage solutions for an optimal transport planning.

Who we are

Located in The Netherlands and Belgium we are an independent Engine Logistics &Service partner, with more than 25 years experience in freight forwarding of Aircraft Engines and we offer a wide scale on logistics service including  P145 MRO solutions to bring Engine  logistics to the next level.

Our customers

• Cargo Handling companies

• Cargo Airports

• Freight  forwarding companies

• Airlines

• Trucking  companies

• Maintenance  providers

• Leasing companies

• OEM’s

What do we offering on MRO services ?

•Vertical engine stand de/-activation   

• Rollover engine stand de-/activation 

• Craning solutions 

• Engine preservations  

• Engine bag inspection &repair

• Engine wrapping

• Engine Bag Changes

• Oil leak Cleaning

• Stand Repairs

• Stand Changes

• Borescope inspections

• Component changes

What do we offering on logistics services ?

• Freight coordination land/airside

• Forwarding solutions (Air, Sea, Road)

• Engine un/loading control to/from Aircraft

• Engine un/loading control to/from Truck

• Engine de-/activation processes (part 145)

• Special un/loading equipment to handle ALL Engine types

• Checklist/pictures

• Short storage at the airports of AMS/LGG/BRU/MST-To get the best and optimal flight / price services 

• Long storage solutions for ALL Engine types in NL-Incl Engine storage Maintenance checks

• Engine Stand lease

• 24/7/365 service 

People with passion for engines


+31 62 533 5028